The INERTEX family of gasketing and sealing products are produced by proprietary processes protected by both u.s. and world. All INERTEX products share the following typical properties:

• 100% expanded virgin PTFE • Pressure range, full vacuum to 3,000psi • Low coefficient of friction (.02 like wet ice)
• Temperature range, -450°F to +600°F • Extremely soft, excellent conformability • FDA suitable (FDA 21 CRF 177.1550)
• pH range from 0 to 14 • Little creep or cold flow • No aging or hardening in service

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INERTEX® Diasheet is a revolutionary PTFE material for diaphragms. Besides the excellent pressure-temperature rating and chemical compatibility inherited from Expanded PTFE, it has high recovery (near 40%), high tensile strength (up to 8,000 - 9,000 psi,) and excellent cold flow resistance. Similar to the SQ-S Gasket Sheet, Diasheet is also isotropic with equal tensile strength in all directions.

The Diasheet is designed for diaphragms without the need of rubber backing or bonding. Diaphragms made of Diasheet comes with 40" x 40" size, with thicknesses of 1mm, 0.76mm and 0.5mm.