The INERTEX family of gasketing and sealing products are produced by proprietary processes protected by both u.s. and world. All INERTEX products share the following typical properties:

• 100% expanded virgin PTFE • Pressure range, full vacuum to 3,000psi • Low coefficient of friction (.02 like wet ice)
• Temperature range, -450°F to +600°F • Extremely soft, excellent conformability • FDA suitable (FDA 21 CRF 177.1550)
• pH range from 0 to 14 • Little creep or cold flow • No aging or hardening in service

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The INERTEX® UHF Gasket Tapes are manufactured by a patented process that produces a uniform and highly fibrillated microstructure with thousands of small fibers running in many directions. It is FDA suitable and comes with a full paper covered self-adhesive backing that makes installation simple.

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Product Benefits:

Soft and compressible under low bolt loads. Excellent for use on glass-line, plastic, and FRP plastic flanges
Suitable for use on odd-shaped flanges
suitable for use on an insulating tape
Eliminates the need for etched PTFE
Wider widths useful for volume cutting of gaskets and wide contact surfaces
Easy to use. Simple to install
Contains no silicones and is suitable for paint booth applications