The INERTEX family of gasketing and sealing products are produced by proprietary processes protected by both u.s. and world. All INERTEX products share the following typical properties:

• 100% expanded virgin PTFE • Pressure range, full vacuum to 3,000psi • Low coefficient of friction (.02 like wet ice)
• Temperature range, -450°F to +600°F • Extremely soft, excellent conformability • FDA suitable (FDA 21 CRF 177.1550)
• pH range from 0 to 14 • Little creep or cold flow • No aging or hardening in service

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INERTEX® Developed by the engineers at Virginia Sealing Products, Inc. and Inertech, Inc., the INERTEX® "LTC" and "LTC-NR" Low Torque Composite Gasket designs eliminate the problems most users of FRP, plastic or similar flange piping materials experience every day. No other gasket design does all this! These designs are the only pure PTFE (Teflon®) gaskets designed for FRP flanges!

Product Benefits:
No more broken flanges from over-torquing
Seals at flange manufacturer's recommended torque level

"LTC" design (standard)
Handles nearly 90% of all FRP, Plastic, and other Lightweight flanges. Used primarily in Pulp and Paper and Chemical Plants.

"LTC-NR" design (non-rotational)
Prevents Flange Rotation! For extremely light, fragile, or sensitive piping materials. Also excellent for Food, Pharmaceutical, or Semiconductor applications.