The INERTEX family of gasketing and sealing products are produced by proprietary processes protected by both u.s. and world. All INERTEX products share the following typical properties:

• 100% expanded virgin PTFE • Pressure range, full vacuum to 3,000psi • Low coefficient of friction (.02 like wet ice)
• Temperature range, -450°F to +600°F • Extremely soft, excellent conformability • FDA suitable (FDA 21 CRF 177.1550)
• pH range from 0 to 14 • Little creep or cold flow • No aging or hardening in service

INERTEX Valve Stem Packing
INERTEX Valve Stem Packing is a highly pliable product that will conform to worn valve stems and packing glands to help eliminate the need for costly down time and repair. Then unique properties of PTFE assure valve operation evn after long periods of valve inactivity. It will not harden or dry out in service and normatlly WILL OUTLIVE THE LIFE OF THE VALVE.

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Product Benefits:

Non-contaminating, non-toxic, and FDA suitable
Valve still activates easily after long periods of non-use
adds service life to old and worn valves
Will not age, harden, shrink or dry out in service
Withstands pressure limits for which the valve is designed
Helps you meet tough EPA requirements for fugitive emissions